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Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway

 Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway

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Donald Lee Hollowell Parkway is a state route connecting midtown Atlanta with Northwest Atlanta and Cobb County. The corridor came into being in 1872 when a streetcar line was extended westward from what is now downtown to the Chattahoochee River. Previously known as Powder Springs Road, Bellwood Avenue and, most recently, Bankhead Highway, D. L. Hollowell Parkway accommodates various land uses along its approximately 6-mile length, including single-family, low-density and medium-density residential, low-density commercial, open space and industrial uses. At the time of the City of Atlanta�s 2003 corridor redevelopment plan, Hollowell was expected to grow at a rate of 337 new households annually. Major transportation projects are already planned or underway totaling 34.5 million, and additional projects are needed.

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